Tuesday, September 3, 2013


The Summer months have ended, as has the normal vacation season for many American’s.  I for one am excited about these Fall months and what lies ahead of us.  Following world news and events, these are heady times, days that will try national leaders and effecting the rank-and-file through a trickle-down effect.

Over the holiday weekend I watched a biographical old movie, part of which depicted post WWII Great Britain.  I did not realize that food shortages persisted for several years AFTER the war for these allies of ours.  And yet as I’m made aware of the accuracy of the film, the British on the whole handled all of it with grace…and a stiff upper lip.

The Bible has a trickle-down effect as well.  The prophets spoke, God moved and Jesus brought radical hope.  We have classes at the church I serve about last days Bible prophecy.  But in the end, it is all about what Jesus has done and that the identity of the believer is in Him.  There is no shortage within His hope, mercy and grace.  The trickle for the Christian instead can be a flood.

All four of my grandparents are with Jesus.  My paternal grandparent whose last name I bear was an alfalfa farmer.  I remember him with a worn-yet-extremely-sharp spade (shovel), clearing the debris from his irrigation ditches around his fields so that his crop could get enough water to not only survive but flourish.  Daily we need to do the same for the fields of our soul, cutting through the junk that gets in the way of His mighty river flowing to and through our lives.

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