Thursday, April 18, 2013


These have been some interesting days...

The bombings at the Boston Marathon are reminders that evil continues to reside in this world.  A subsequent explosion at a fertilizer factory in Texas reminds us that this is either more of the same in regard to some form of terrorism, or that in the end, man is inept on some level or another.  Things get mixed up, messed up or just plain botched up on this journey we call life.

Even my activity on this blog the last two weeks is a demonstration of this.  I was under the weather last week (lost 11 pounds in two days - now my ears touch!) and played catch-up the rest of the week.  This week I was at our annual state conference with our denomination, returning home in the wee hours of this morning.  Life is often uneven and unfair.  In the end, our futility in trying to have control is a fleeting proposition.

As I think about the role of Christ in our lives, I remember that no matter what happens around us, that one day every follower will change there status.  Instead of being mixed up, messed up, botched up or playing catch up, we will one day only be "UP!"

Up is good, very good...

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