Wednesday, March 6, 2013

The UPS Lady, Joel Rosenberg and The Best is Yet to Come

Yesterday afternoon at 4:45 PM the doorbell rang at our home.  Like most in our culture, we know who it is because it seems to happen at least once a week.

It's the UPS lady bearing "gifts."

Okay, we all know how this works; we order something online and it magically shows up at our door without ever having to leave the house to go to a store.  The distinctive ring of the UPS lady is lightning fast, unlike the rest of us who lack expertise in the art of  doorbell ringing.  It is my habit if I'm home to run to the door so I can see if I can catch her before she leaves.  Let it be known, I have NEVER caught her before she gets back into the seat of her large brown box van.  I like to wave and say, "Thank you."  My goal is that she will pause for a moment before pulling away from the Johnson house to see if that funny little man who likes to say, "Thank You" will make her day because at least one person on her route appreciates the service she provides.

Nope, it hasn't happened yet; more training is required...

I think I do it because it is a kind of rebellion against the premise of ordering things online so we don't have to deal with another human being in person.  It's just not right.  Too many in our society are lonely and don't realize why.

I have to say, the gift she was bearing yesterday made it a BANNER day.  The latest and last book in Joel Rosenberg's fictional series on espionage and Bible prophecy in the Middle East has arrived at my door.  Damascus Countdown, preceded by The Twelfth Imam and The Tehran Initiative, along with his previous five non-fiction works beginning with The Last Jihad, have actually started a great discussion on end time events at the church I serve.

 The Twelfth Imam       The Tehran Initiative      Damascus Countdown

The best fiction has a foundation of truth upon which to hold up a story line.  For example, historical fiction may use an actual event that took place for the fictional characters to interact with, thereby enhancing interest and giving the reader a "you are there" quality.  Rosenberg's foundational truth is Biblical prophecy, some of which he wrote about in advance of publishing, only to have those very events come to pass as his books have come out on the market.  Some of his stuff you'll read and think is historical fiction until you see the date of the first printing, and how it was impossible for him to know what was going to happen outside of the Bible.

Yes, the books are amazingly good.

Every night until it is finished, I will be reading, to see what happens with CIA operative David Shirazi, the main character of the story.  I'm also looking forward to what foundational Biblical prophecies in the book may come to pass in the near future.

Does this make Rosenberg a prophet?  No.  In actuality, it means that his knowledge of end time prophecy has a good level of accuracy.  It is helpful that he is an expert on Middle Eastern politics and mindset.  But the fat remains that he's simply standing on the Bible being true, and knowing that one day all of the prophecy within it will be fulfilled.

We can read Bible prophecy, have it scare us to death, so much so that we never leave our homes, much less run to the door to wave and say thank you to the UPS lady.  Or we can respond with gladness in our hearts, knowing that the best is yet to come whether it be here or when we one day will be with Jesus and that we have the joy of sharing that truth with everyone.

The best IS yet to come...

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